Dave Court is an artist living on Kaurna Country in Adelaide, Australia working in painting, sculpture and installation. Current practice includes large-scale public art, cross media work and the creation of interactive and immersive events and installations, with a focus on collaborative and experimental processes.

Dave has experience with a wide range of projects including art direction and curation across exhibition and festivals, clothing design, retail, art spaces and print media.
His process-driven style is characterised by bold, painterly gestures and abstraction, often complicating traditional boundaries between the corporeal and virtual.
At the core of his multifaceted work is a deep engagement with how social structures are shaped by technology, and a commitment to the radical possibilities of shared experience.

Dave Court is a multi-disciplinary artist working in areas of painting, design and installation based in Tarndanya / Adelaide, Australia.
Current work includes large scale public artwork, cross media artwork and creation of immersive installations, all with a basis in painting.

Dave has experience with a range of different projects including award winning immersive art project Mr IST, ethical clothing brand foolsandtrolls, retail store / art space Created Range, street press Yewth Magazine, and festival design with RCC and Adelaide Fringe.  Dave is heavily involved with public art, as well as art direction and curation along with his ongoing studio practice. His process driven style looks at experimentation with gesture, abstraction, and oscillation between digital and physical representations.

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