House Party

HOUSE PARTY is a body of work based around a painted house, set for demolition that I was given permission to paint late in 2020. Pieces from this body of work included photographic and video documentation of the painting process, and new works building on ideas, experiments and techniques used in the house across traditional and digital media.

One central theme of the work is the overlapping of digital and physical worlds, where or how there is a distinction, and how this affects our engagement, perception and interaction with the world and each other.

I was thinking about these works as oscillating objects, simultaneously existing in traditionally oppositional states - digital and physical, public and domestic, natural and manufactured, authentic and inauthentic, virtual and real.

View NFT artworks on Tezos blockhain here.
View a full catalogue of works from the show here.

Explore a digital recreation of the house playable in your browser through Mona, click the image below or visit the site here.

Photographs of the painted house, paired with rendered views of a 3D recreation of the house.
Photography by Sam Berry, renders made with Blender Cycles render.

Lasercut paintings, created in parallel with the painted house

Looping animated digital artworks, reconstructions of paintings as digital sculptures, placed in a digital recreation of the painted house.
Sounds by Adrian Schmidt-Mumm.
See the collection on here.

Augmented Reality (AR) prints, click to expand and view the works on your screen through Artivive app:

Infinite scroll paintings, mixed media on canvas with rotating armature, fabricated by Jimmy Dodd.

See the process of the house painting and destruction over a 30 day period, documentary video shot and edited by Liam Somerville of Capital Waste:

Sculptural and miscellaneous artworks created as a part of the exhibition. View virtual sculptures through here.

Read the zine made as a part of the show, featuring essays by Freya Langley and Logan MacDonald about the work.

Reporting on the exhibition by ABC Australia

All this work was made with assistance from and gratitude to:

Adi Schmidt Mumm
Alexis Tehel
Arlon Hall
Ben Trobbiani
Chiara Graetz
Court family
Darcy Holmes
David Musch
Floating Goose Studios
Freya Langley
Gabi Lane
Gavin Blake
Henry Jock Walker
Jimmy Dodd
Joel Van Moore
Letti K Ewing
Liam Somerville
Logan MacDonald
Marc Newbery
Mark Chehade
Matthew Fortrose
Suzie Tucker
Tom Meakin

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July 2 to July 25 at Floating Goose Studios